Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An evergreen bias

It's the 10th day of our "12 days of Christmas trees", and it just keeps getting better! What we love about Quilt Inspiration is that it can strike unexpectedly. Like the day we stumbled upon Esch House Quilts, the home of modern designer (and rising star) Debbie Grifka.  Her clever "evergreen bias"  defines the essence of a winter tree that is decorated for the season. 

An Evergreen Bias, 24 x 30, by Debbie Grifka, at Esch House Quilts

This little tree uses a graduated bias technique that Debbie Grifka developed to make the tree go from wider at the bottom to smaller at the top. It is also a perfect example of her approach to modern quilting:  "For me, modern quilting often has a somewhat minimalist approach to design. The designs are graphic and bold. They often look simple to make, but are not necessarily so. In addition, many modern quilters use negative space in a way that neither traditional or art quilters usually do."

Visit Esch House Quilts to see all of Debbie Grifka's modern quilt patterns.  Also check out her Project Modern entry:  Ephemeral Elegance.  (It'll knock your socks off !)

Image credits and links:  The image of "An Evergreen Bias" is shown with the generous permission of Debbie Grifka. 

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  1. Love this tree, looks awesome :)
    Would love to be able to make one of them...


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