Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quilt Inspiration 2010: Tumbling Blocks

This year we had the opportunity to show some of our favorite optical illusions in quilting.  We love looking at these Tumbling Blocks quilts again !

Row 1, L-R: Amish quilt from the collection of Faith and Stephen Brown, as seen at the Amish Abstractions exhibit; Tumbling Rainbows, by Lynn Harris;  Antique Orange and Blue tumbling blocks quilt, at Material Pleasures; What's In Your Box, by Elisa Lawrance, at the Arizona Quilters Guild.  Row 2: Tumbling blocks quilt, by Penny Halgren, at How-to-Quilt; "Y? Why not !" by Kathy Klassen; Hexagonal Rhythm, by Jane Wilson, at Jane's Quilts.  Row 3: Tumbling Blocks by Ann Moran, at Ann's ULT Embroidery Site; The Big Tumble, by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes, at From Me to You Quilts; Hollow Cube, by Carol Capshaw, at the Oklahoma Quilters State Organization. Row 4: The Shirt Off My Back , by Betty Leppin; Tumbling Blocks quilt, ca. 1910, from the exhibit Common Threads, at the Adirondack Museum, New York; Menger's Cube, by Arnout Cosman; Row 5: Hand Painted Tumbling Blocks Quilt, by C. Jean Horst; Blue Cubes, by Martha Borders; Twin Towers, by BJ Reed.

For more information and links, see these original articles: Optical Illusions,   Tumbling Blocks -More Illusions, Cubic Construction, and Tumbling Blocks Divided by 4 or 9.  "Shirt off my Back" by Betty Leppin was shown in Waste Not, Want Not: Quilts from Reclaimed Clothing.  "Menger's Cube" by Arnout Cosman was shown in New Dimensions. "What's In Your Box" by Elisa Lawrance was shown at the 2010 Arizona Quilt Show.

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