Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilt Inspiration 2010: Dear Jane and Nearly Insane

These magnificent quilts were made by quilters in the U.S., Norway, France, Ireland, and South Africa. They were featured in an article called Crazy about Jane; and in a sequel, Crazy about Jane, Nearly Insane and Just Plain Nuts. The full quilts have approximately 5000 pieces. We are in awe of these quilters, and of the perseverance it takes to complete such a project !

Row 1: My Dear Jane (aka “Insanity”), by Karen Goad at Karen's Quilting; Dear Jane(s) - brown and blue indigo, by Tutu Haynes-Smart; In the Heat of the Day, by Marie-Suzanne Charlot at Au-Fil-de-l-Autre.  Row 2: Dear Jane, by Maryellen Sand Bodell at the Santa Monica Quilt Guild; Facets - Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires, by Marcie Thompson at The Blue Cat Creations; Rainbow Jane, by Anina at Twiddletails; Baby Dear Jane, by Bernadette Camus at France Patchwork. Row 3: A Baby Jane Quilt, by the Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild; Jeepers... It's Jane, by Beth Schillig; Blue Sky and Sunshine, by Anna Krassy at Empire Quilters; Enduring Freedom, by Dear Jane Friends. Row 4: No Pain - No Jane, by Cynthia Garcia at Kwilty as Charged; Jane Plays with Dolls, by Pamela Leonard Wexler at Empire Quilters; Broadway Jane, by the Empire Quilters; In Our Time, (aka "Technicolor Jane"), by Judy Doenias and Diane Rode Schneck at City Quilters. Row 5: Janeway, by Pamela Leonard Wexler; Jane, Past and Present, by Lesley Thomas at Quilts in Ireland; In The Pink, by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. Row 6: Nearly Insane, by Hanne Schneider at Hanne's Quilt Corner; Just Plain Nuts, by Liz Lois.

Image Credits: For links to the original images and artists' websites, see Crazy about Jane and Crazy about Jane, Nearly Insane and Just Plain NutsDear Jane® is the registered trademark of Brenda A. Papadakis and is used with permission. Nearly Insane and Just Plain Nuts are trademarks of Liz Lois and are used with permission.

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