Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas around the world: Germany

On the edge of the land between Dortmund and Muenster is the town of Werne (an der Lippe - on the river Lippe). In town you will find the cozy Quilt Shop "Kaleidoskop". We discovered the quilt shop, and owner/designer Gabi Tietz, when we were searching for interesting and unique embroidery designs (which we found here). To our delight we discovered that Gabi also designs glorious, original quilts. Here is her beautiful new "Winter Tales".

Winter Tales by Gabi Tietz at All About My Quiltshop

"Winter Tales" sets a romantic winter mood with its cool blue and white prints and warm brown accents.  The quilt is embellished with sparkling rhinestones, making the scene downright frosty! Gabi's passion for embroidery comes through in her heartwarming 2011 BOM, Schnee-Herzen (snow hearts) which is one of our favorite redwork projects (click on the image to see the exquisite detail). 

Gabi explains that the Schnee Herzen design symbolizes a universal wish of all people to thaw (icy) hearts (Tauzeit für (Eis)Herzen). At her blog, About My Quiltshop, you can download Block 12 for free (for a limited time). You can see all the Schneeherzen patterns in her online shop here.

Speaking of "cozy", here is the front window of the quilt shop, showing more cheerful projects including a beautiful Friends for Christmas quilt and a cute Advent mini-quilt.

"A smile between two people can be a wonderful beginning."
~ Gabi Tietz

Image credits: Images are shown with the generous permission of Gabi Tietz at All About My Quiltshop.  On the left sidebar of the site you will find a Google Translate button and on the right sidebar you will find links to tutorials.


  1. Wonderful quilts! I'm glad that you report about such a nice shop from over here!!

  2. Oh thank you so mutch,sutch a wonderfull report:O) warm wishes from Germany Gabi

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. Love her quilts.


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