Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Tree

When all the leaves have fallen off the trees you can see the structure of the branches which stand out unadorned against the winter sky. Emma How has captured the elegance of the winter tree in her "Winter Harvest" quilt and pattern.  In this original design the spare beauty of the tree has been extended to the roots, which reach down into the snowy ground.

Winter Harvest, 19 x 22", by Emma How at Sampaguita Quilts (Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Emma quilted Winter Harvest in her signature "Emming style" to give the appearance of snowflakes swirling in the wind as shown in the detail photo below. 

At Sampaguita Quilts on Etsy you can purchase a beautiful Apple Falls art quilt or the quilt pattern to make your own tree. The pattern focuses on Winter Harvest but includes instructions for a Spring tree with delicate pink blossoms (shown below) along with an Autumn and Summer version.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Emma How.  She has been designing and making quilts for 15 years and has had many of her quilts published as projects in quilting magazines as well as feature profiles and articles. To read more about Emma's quilt designing and making, please visit her Sampaguita Quilts blog.


  1. Beautiful quilts. Tree quilts are intriguing to me. I like to see how artists depict trees using applique and piecing and then highlight the trees with quilting. Emma's trees are graceful yet strong, just like trees in nature and that gives these trees character.

  2. What a wealth of inspiring quilts. I've always admired the patience and skills of quilters. Wishing you both an inspiring and peaceful 2012!


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