Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas

WE couldn't resist posting a few beautiful trees in honor of Christmas Eve. Here is "White Christmas", 40 x 42",  by Kellie Wulfsohn at Don't Look Now (Australia).  Her elaborate trees, which include "Oh Christmas Tree",  are among our favorite designs for Christmas.

 Oh Christmas Tree 47.5” x 59" by Kellie Wulfsohn at Don't Look Now, pattern at Twiddletails

And a red-and-white "Oh Christmas Tree" by Kellie Wulfsohn at Don't Look Now


  1. These are beautiful - I love Kellie's work. Merry Christmas!

  2. I have the pattern for Oh Christmas Tree, haven't made it yet, maybe next year :)
    I hadn't seen the red version before, I think I like it better than the green one.

    Merry Christmas to you both.


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