Monday, March 18, 2013

Arizona Quilt Show Day 2 2013

Join us for Day Two in sunny Arizona as we look at beautiful quilts done by our friends in the southwestern U.S.A. ! The theme of this year's show was Arizona: Trends and Traditions

Saguaro Sentinels by Patsy Kittredge

Saguaro Sentinels is the blue  ribbon winner for Best Depiction of Theme,  and the aqua ribbon winner for Exemplary Use of Color.  Patsy used a  split complementary color scheme of blue, purple, and green contrasted with yellow-orange to create a lovely desert scene with saguaro cactus standing watch at dawn or sunset. Patsy says,  "Using my photos as inspiration, I painted the sky, pieced the background hills, couched yarn for texture and used raw edge applique."

Close up, Saguaro Sentinels by Patsy Kittredge

At the base of the saguaro, Patsy used couched yarn to create the slender spines of an ocotillo cactus.

The Visitor by Terri Doyle

Third place winner for Art Quilts: Painted or Digital,  Terri writes,  "In a workshop/class with Patt Blair, I painted this owl from a picture that I took when he landed in a tree in my yard." 

Close up, The Visitor by Terri Doyle

Peggy has done a great job with extensive thread painting to create the owl's body and expressive, life-like face.

True Perspective by Marina Lynn

Quilt Inspiration's co-founder and blogger Marina Lynn says, "I designed these log cabin blocks to mimic true perspective. [Hoffman California International ] batiks were arranged from light to dark."  Marina created a contemporary, minimalist quilt pattern to provide an illusion of peering from a lighted place into a mysterious or dark other-worldly dimension.

1850 Album by Patricia Bliss

Third place winner for Best Applique in the Large Quilts category,  Patricia writes,  "This quilt is appliqued using the needle-turn method and reproduction fabrics of that era."  Patricia has used smaller versions of Baltimore motifs so that she can  create an inner border and showcase additional designs.

Center Medallion, 1850 Album by Patricia Bliss

In this close-up, you can see some of the beautiful quilting that Patricia did on her creation, plus the  center basket medallion with its graceful and elegant floral display.

Indian Summer by Gerry Fischer

Gerry's Dresden plate quilt is arranged in a unique setting, designed to look like a garden of exotic flowers on long stems.  She writes, "This pattern was in the Oct/November 2010 Quilters Newsletter Magazine and designed by Kathy Doughty. I used different filler patterns with my Innova longarm [quilting machine]."

Close up, Indian Summer by Gerry Fischer

Striped, checked, and printed fabrics make an eye-catching, vivid display here. In this close-up, you can see some of the different quilting patterns Gerry used for each block.  Along with many other quilt enthusiasts, we love Dresden plate quilts,  including this modern design.

Image Credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing -- these are just beautiful!

  2. I am enjoying your quilt show. The cactus piece is wonderful. The colors are perfect and really gives the feeling of being there in the desert. The thread work on the owl is fabulous. And then the 1850 Album - gorgeous! Thanks you for sharing these with us.

  3. QUE TRABAJOS!!!!!!!!!!


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