Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun in the Sun : Day 5 of the Arizona Quilters' Guild Show

Are you looking for some "eye candy" to inspire you to start a new quilt or finish one that's currently under construction?  Here are some more fantastic quilts from Mesa, Arizona, home of the 2013 Arizona Quilters' Guild Show.

Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

This dazzling show-stopper is the aqua ribbon winner for Best in Show Workmanship and blue ribbon winner for Best Small Quilt Using Mixed Techniques.  JoAnn writes of her pieced and appliqued creation,  "I used wonderful batiks to paint a water color of four butterflies surrounding a radiant Lone Star center.  The quilting totally completes my flutter garden." 

Close-up, Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

These gorgeous butterflies in each corner are cleverly camouflaged as floral bouquets. Jo-Ann has made a very effective use of a split complementary color scheme of soft yellows, oranges, and corals juxtaposed with shades of violet.

Quilting detail, Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe

In this close-up, you can see the outstanding quilting patterns done by longarm quilter Jessica (Jones) Gamez.

The Harvesters by Vera Burns

Vera writes,  "This quilt was inspired by a poster put out by the U.S. government after World War II. It was encouraging home production of food." A colorful inner border of randomly pieced half-square triangles accentuates the colors of the earth and sky,  while giving  a cheerful rustic appearance to Vera's creation. This quilt won second prize in the Pictorial-Small category.

Close-up of The Harvesters by Vera Burns

Vera has done a wonderful job of capturing the look of rugged determination in the detailed facial expressions of  "The Harvesters."

A-mazing by Monika Hancock

Monika notes, "I found this pattern in a quilt magazine and thought it would be fun to construct. Debbie [Stanton's] longarm quilting made it even more interesting." Monika's very effective use of solid fabrics in dark, medium, and light values create an intriguing sense of three-dimensionality when viewed from a distance. This quilt won Honorable Mention in the Pieced-Large category.

Close-up of A-mazing by Monika Hancock

In the close-up photo you cannot see the illusion... it is only apparent when you step back!  (Note: The "Labyrinth Walk" pattern was published in the April/May 2012 issue of Quilt Magazine; the back issue can be purchased here.  The original design, inspired by a tile floor, is by Christopher Florence at The Guilty Quilters.)

Time Share Quilt #6 - Dresden Plates by Susan Norris

Susan says of her quilt with the vintage design,  "Dresden Plate [blocks] from the 1930's, hand appliqued on Amish colored backgrounds. Hand quilted designs with Sulky variegated 12 weight thread."  We loved the homey, inviting appearance of this quilt, especially the very cheerful hearts which comprise the center of each block. 

Close-up of Time Share Quilt #6 - Dresden Plates by Susan Norris

Susan has done a very interesting and effective hand quilting pattern which shows up especially well on the solid color background squares. In addition, this close-up of the Dresden Plate blocks shows the original fabrics produced in the 1930's.

Image credits: All photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.


  1. wow, that butterfly quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Wow! Hard to even begin to choose a favorite from this group! I love each and every one of them.

  3. Que maravilla de trabajos, y que maravilla de acolchados.
    Un beso muy fuerte.

  4. The quilt Flutter Garden by JoAnn Kilgroe is Carolina Cotton Company's Quilt of the Day for May 23, 2013! The details are exquisite! The pattern, colors and quilting are all equally inspiring! Wow!
    It is being linked to on our facebook page at:

    Thank you so much for bringing more attention to it! Lovely!
    Lisa Ann Toney
    Carolina Cotton Company

  5. Hi...
    Where can I purchase this beautiful pattern?


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