Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun in the Sun: Arizona Quilters' Guild Show 2013 Day One

This weekend, we are in sunny Mesa, Arizona for the annual  show of the 2,000 member Arizona Quilters' Guild.  "Trends and Traditions" is their theme for 2013, and we saw so many beautiful quilts in both contemporary and traditional categories.  Let's take a look!

Opulent Opuntia by Vera Burns

Vera writes, "This quilt will be a birthday present for my daughter who just moved into a southwestern style home. It's my first attempt at thread painting. " For her work, Vera won the second place award for Best Applique in the category of Small Quilts.  We loved the southwestern theme featuring the soft orange and aqua blue fabric and  cactus plant as the focal point.

Close-up, Opulent Opuntia by Vera Burns


In this close-up of the cactus flower, you can see the many shades of yellow and gold thread that Vera used for embellishment and texture which gives the flower a lively, blooming effect.

Prehistoric Hunting by Diane Hansen

Diane writes, "Raw edge shapes were cut out and placed on a whole cloth quilt sandwich and then quilted down." The designs were based on patterns by Sue Olfers (No Dinner Tonight, Shaman's Dream.) Diane's effective use of  neutral gray, brown, and black tones and the spikey border gives a very rustic, earthy look to this intriguing work.

Close-up, Prehistoric Hunting by Diane Hansen

The primitive symbols of animals and nature make the quilt seem like an ancient cave drawing which has come to life.

Honoring Emma: An Album Quilt by Gerry Fischer

Gerry writes, " [I used] the back-basted method for the applique. The pattern is one of  Lori Smith's designs at her website  From My Heart to Your Hands".

Close-up, Honoring Emma: An Album Quilt by Gerry Fischer

Gerry has combined fabrics with soft floral prints, checks, and plaid backgrounds, and bright primary colors of yellow, red, and blue.

My Hawaiian Quilt by Jane Bachus

Jane notes,  "I love Hawaiian quilts !  Four traditional designs ( depicting tropical  plants) in four traditional colors make up this quilt."  Jane has done a wonderful job of appliqueing these complex, detailed botanical forms.

 Le Jardin by Denise St. Sauveur

"Le Jardin" are the French words for "The Garden".  Denise says,  " [This quilt is] hand appliqued. [It contains] mostly big stitch quilting with some machine quilting."  We recognize this pattern as "Le Jardin" by Bonnie Sullivan, as seen on her website, All Through the Night.

Close-up of  Le Jardin by Denise St. Sauveur

We loved the hand-embroidered chain-stiched wings on the little bumblebee, being chased by an energetic squirrel. 

Close-up of Le Jardin by Denise St. Sauveur

Notice the precise hand quilting on the heart and the pretty cursive handwriting embroidery of
the quilt title. 

Image Credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration


  1. Very interesting and beautiful works. So it`s great that you sharing, thank you!

  2. You have such a wonderful job - imagine traveling all over the place to photograph quilts and share them - wow! This batch is gorgeous -I'm in love with the Opuntia. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the Jardin quilt, I do have that book and was just looking at it. I do love how she appliqued hers, beautiful work.


  4. Your blog is so appropriately named! I always get inspired here. Thanks so much.


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