Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The end of the Blues

We're wrapping up "The Blues" with a look at the dazzling quilts we've featured over the last two weeks. And, we've come to a few conclusions. First, we love the color Blue, in all its manifestations. Second, we are captivated by bold graphic designs with high contrasts: there is nothing bland about these quilts! Finally, just looking at these quilts makes us feel serene and hopeful... which means that color psychology is for real!

Top row, L-R: Bachelor’s Wedding Ring, by Eric Gunson, at Pieceful Expressions; Kaleidoscope, the 2010 ASIJ Auction Quilt by Julie Fukuda and colleages, as seen at My Quilt Diary; Yuletide Snowflake design, by Joanna Figueroa, at Fig Tree Quilts (the quilt shown was made by Connecting Threads). Row 2: Glowing Splendor, by Barbara Cline, at Delightful Piecing; Teacup, by Maria Elkins, at Maria Elkins Art Quilts; Embroidered Japanese Crests, by Susa Glenn, at Susa Glenn Designs. Row 3: Victorian Gingerbread, by Janice Lee Baehr, at Pacific Rim Quilt Company; Albers at Sea, by Debra Levin, at the Empire Quilters Guild; Delft Storm, by Ionne McCauley, at Ionne Quilts.

Image credits:  Images are shown with the generous permission of the artists.


  1. Looking at all of these beautiful blue quilts side by side...they are even more amazing! Each one compliments the other in such a stunning display!

  2. Looking at these quilts makes me want to make another blue and white quilt. I have plenty of blue material left from making my DJ so that wouldn't be a problem.

  3. Thank you for running this series. I've truly been inspired and look forward to your future series.

  4. What an amazing group! Can't wait to see what you focus on in February.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful comments, everyone ! We're so glad that you enjoyed this series. -- Marina and Daryl


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