Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Blues

The hues in the blue range have been shown to have the highest preference among people. Blue is beneficial to mind and body, causing a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. Blue is thought to suppress appetite; if you put your food on a blue plate, you will eat less. (This does not explain the blue plate special !)   Joen Wolfrom says that blue is the most popular color for a monochromatic design: "Blues create refreshing, airy, and serene moods. They can suggest sophistication, elegance, and formality."  Finally, blue is a traditional symbol for weddings. Have you heard the saying "Marry in blue, lover be true" ?  The symbolism and psychology of 'blue' are embodied in this stunning new design.

Bachelor's Wedding Ring, multi-sized, by Eric Gunson, at Pieceful Expressions

The Bachelor's Wedding Ring pattern combines a traditional favorite, the Wedding Ring pattern, with sparkling flowers that reflect Eric Gunson's love for wildflower photography. He creates all of his designs on the computer, and he sees his craft as a combination of graphic arts and sewing.  He is the lead designer at Pieceful Expressions, his family's business in Sisters, Oregon (see About Us). Recently, Eric was chosen to design the 2011 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Raffle Quilt! To learn more about Eric Gunson, see the fun article called Breaking the Quilting Gender Gap

Image credits and additional links:  The copyrighted image of Bachelor's Wedding Ring is shown with the generous permission of Eric Gunson.  Previously we featured Nine Beauties Dancing, a Pieceful Expressions design by Nicole Gunson, in an article on Batiks and Stars - A Match Made in Heaven.

The quote by Joen Wolfrom is from the book ColorPlay. Also check out Color - Messages and Meanings- A PANTONE Color Resource.  Finally, stay tuned this week and next for more beautiful Blue quilts!


  1. What an absolutely STUNNING Quilt!
    Your article on the color blue was very interesting too!

  2. Wow! I want to hurry up and finish the quilt I'm working on to begin making this one.

  3. We agree, Aunt 'Reen ! We too think it is stunning !

  4. Thanks for your comment, IMG ! We'd love also to make this quilt also !

  5. Such beautiful and original work! Lovely!

  6. The bachelor button flower is one of my favorite perennials, perfectly recreated in the design, Love it.


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