Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's Go ! Day 2 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival

We have so many fascinating quilts to show you from the P.I.Q.F. 2012  that we can't wait to post them all !
You be the quilt show judge and let us know which ones are your "viewer's choice."  We're always interested to hear what you think. Let's go !

The Wrath of Poseidon, 53 x 59, by Marilyn Bedford, Chenango Forks, New York

Second place winner in the Innovative Quilts category, Marilyn says of her intriguing original design, "Poseidon, the [Greek mythological] god of the waters, was an angry and jealous god, demanding extreme obeisance. When offended or ignored, he struck the ground with his trident and caused earthquakes and shipwrecks....There is no use of any paint, inks, or dyes in my work. The technique is raw edge applique with fusible web, which is embellished with thread stitching. It is then quilted on a long arm machine."

Camellia in the Snow, 79 x 78, by  Kazue Tsukayama,  Japan

Kazue writes,  "I live where it snows in the winter. The beautiful white Camellia flowers can even be seen against the white snow of springtime. Flowers were appliqued and are also dimensional."
Kazue appliqued and quilted her lovely work entirely by hand !  One of the prettiest parts are the strings of three dimensional of exotic red blossoms which gracefully drape off the triangular bottom of the quilt.

Sheila's Feathered Star, 107 x 98, by Sheila Bruner, Mariposa, California

Sheila notes, "I have always wanted to make a feathered star quilt. I designed Sheila's Feathered Star using Electric Quilt.  The scroll border was inked with fabric ink. I modified the New York Beauty blocks (another large star pattern) and paper pieced it.  I quilted it on my long arm using a wool batting. "

Close-up,  Sheila's Feathered Star

In this close-up, you can see the exquisite workmanship of Sheila's quilting and piecing.  Notice how the swirling pattern on the border provides an eye-pleasing, complementary juxtaposition to the angular, geometric star pattern.

The Springing Point, 49 x 49, by Christel Pietschmann, Germany

Christel states,  " The Springing Point" [exemplifies] lust for life.  The colours and the points/circles are dancing, springing, laughing.  The  [viewer's] eye is finding again and again new colour combinations." The sense of movement portrayed by this abstract quilt really made us smile, because the circles reminded us of children's play balls, happily bouncing.

Don't Feed the Fish, 22.5 x 40.5, by Millie Bogdanovich,  Morro Bay, California

"I charged into the quilt/fabric art world in 1999", says Millie."Wow! My creativity found a new niche designing small wall quilts.  "Don't Feed the Fish" is a no maintenance aquarium whose inspiration came from living on the central coast of  California. Timtex interfaced  fish and "Texture Magic" sand and plant life create dimension, depth, movement, and texture.  Added embellishment using shells, beads, glass, and yarn. Paintstiks and tulle coral tantalize the viewer's eye."

Close-up of  Don't Feed the Fish

Notice the bundled and tied strips of metallic yarn which serve as three dimensional seaweed here, along with the yarn, beads, and shells for embellishment. The  cute and whimsical fishes' fins are also attached three dimensionally,  enhancing their image of gliding and floating along in the aquarium.


  1. Thanks for the show! These are really amazing. I love the Springing Point. All those little circles - circles! and the pretty colors.
    Second choice... Poiseden - lucky there is a scarf on his trident. LOL

  2. The Wrath of Poseiden is my favorite - I'm not normally a big fan of pictorial quilts, but this one is amazing. I think I appreciate it even more knowing that the maker didn't use any paint or ink.

    Springing Point is my second fav - much more my usual style :)

  3. Love the Wrath of Poseiden! I was fortunate to take a class from the maker (many years ago), and her talent never ceases to amaze me.

  4. For me its a toss-up between Vuvezela Madonna and The Springing Point, I just like the colours and the designs. I'm Watching You is a very cute wall quilt, I would really love to see this in real life, it looks quite textured.


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