Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Go ! Day 7 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival

There are so many fabulous quilts to show you from P.I.Q.F. 2012  Let's go !

Rhythm of Africa, 36 x 45, by Patricia A'Bear, South Africa

Patricia writes,  "The background construction is based on Kente cloth from West Africa, where they weave and sew strips of fabric together. I constructed the background with plain strips and incorporated my design on top of this. Africa is known for its rhythm of beating drums,, dancing figures, and being a continent of may ethnic cultures. I wanted to give the impression of rhythm and movement throughout without focusing on a particular culture or people."  Patricia's work, which is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted, radiates a lively sense of wonderful energy.

Show and Tell : A Diptych, 35 x 106, by Sharon Hightower and Mary Pavlovich, Claremont, California

Winners of "Best Interpretation of Theme"  (Vitamin 'Q' for quilting),  Sharon and Mary remark, "Quilters are social creatures. Our energy and creativity is boosted by sharing with quilting friends. In quilt groups, the most popular activity is 'Show and Tell.'  Each quilt is created with enthusiastic support. Better than vitamins ! [Techniques and materials include] commercial cotton fabrics, raw-edge collage, fused, machine applique, and quilted by two quilting frieds, who each designed and produced one piece of the diptych. " We think Sharon and Mary's work is so cute because it's a quilt about showing off quilts ( note the line-up of quilters, each one with her treasure to display) , which is now hanging in a quilt show, PIQF ( see the miniature sign on the easel) !

Lorenzo, 43.5 x 31.25, by Linda Pawlowicz,  Concord, California

Linda says,  This quilt started in a workshop on couching.  I used a Florine Johnson rooster pattern. It took on an attitude all its own. The source of my quilting energy comes from taking different ideas techniques, patterns, and materials and combining them into a "multi-vitamin" quilt."  We think Linda did a great job in imbuing Lorenzo the rooster with a very "cocky" personality and pride!

Starburst, 74 x 74, by Gwenfai Rees Griffiths, United Kingdom

Gwenfai notes, "Started several years ago, this quilt was redesigned several times -- coming in and out of the cupboard and spending time on my design wall,  until I was finally satisfied."  Gwen's work is machine pieced and all hand quilted. We've posted this quilt in extra-large size, so you can look carefully and see all the various quilting designs chosen by Gwenfai. We found the curved diamond or curved leaf designs done in between the points of the outer stars to be especially intriguing.

Confidence, 60 x 60, by Gail Dentler, Victoria, Texas

"The premise of this quilt is "standing firm in the surf with peace and joy", says Gail.  "This design was inspired by my daughter surfing in the Pacific Ocean. I used wool batting, cotton fabric, trilobal polyester thread, and art paints sticks to construct the quilt. " Gail's original design is hand appliqued, machine pieced, and machine quilted. We really like the creative, contemporary manner in which she designed the ocean waves.

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