Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's Go ! Day 3 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival

Quilt Inspiration is one of the first blogs on the internet to bring you photos of the gorgeous quilts of  P.I.Q.F. 2012, complete with attribution and comments. That way, you can get to know about the quilters themselves, including their sources of inspiration. Let's go !

Cranes in a Night Garden, 90 x 90, by Sandra Betts, Canada

Sandra notes,  "This quilt was done as an exercise to learn more basic piecing methods, but combined with more advance techniques of fabric manipulation and embellishments.  Basic blocks......were embellished...using techniques taught by Jennie Rayment. It was assemble using the Betty Cotton method of "Quilt As You Go."  Fabrics are commercial cottons, hand dyed fabrics, and sheers. Metallic, irridescent, and shrink threads were used, along with quilting and thread painting."  Sandra did an excellent job in creating this formal, sophisticated medallion quilt.

Close-up of Cranes in a Night Garden

We took this picture from the side so that the beautiful quilting could be better seen.  Notice the elegant gold metallic thread on the orange sashing, which really gives this quilt an opulent, rich effect.

Leaves of Spring, 37.5 x 37.5 by Letitia Chung, San Francisco, California

Blue ribbon winner for Best Hand Workmanship in the Wall Quilts category, Letitia writes, "Inspired by an antique quilt, I designed this tree and the borders with the intent of using as many different Japanese fabrics as possible for the leaves. Playing with a large variety of fabrics is always an invigorating source of creativity and Vitamin Q." Letitia's wonderful hand applique and hand quilting skills really show through on this lovely pattern.

Shangoma, 59 x 47, by Enid Vilgoen, South Africa

Enid says, "The mystery of the African culture and the belief in shangomas ( traditional African healers) and miracles of nature inspired me to make this quilt."  Edith used a myriad of techniques here, including free machine applique, raw-edge applique, hand and spray painting, knitting, hand embroidery, and reverse applique.

Close-up of Shangoma

If you click on this photo to enlarge it, you'll be able to see the detail of the shangoma's face, along with the beautiful beads that decorate the scarves worn by the shangoma.  Edith has done an outstanding  job collaging vibrant complementary colors of orange and blue, along with purple and yellow to depict the energy and intensity of the shangoma's presence.

Beau Pre, app. 36 x 30, by Ann Sanderson, Nevada City, California

"A colorful, grassy meadow at the foot of Mt. Shasta ( in California) inspired this piece", writes Ann. "My thoughts were to capture the gamut of colors and textures by using organic looking fabrics. Hand dyed fabrics mixed with commercial yarn were the perfect fit. The "couching" done with yarn ( to create the swirling stems)  and "bobbin work" done with variegated rayon hand dyed thread adds a bit of whimsy."

Grandma's Stellar Array, 36 x 36, by Ann L. Petersen, Aurora , Colorado

These immaculately pieced, symmetrical star blocks, along with the graceful curved border, earned Ann an Honorable Mention Award in the Wall Quilts category. She notes, "An Oriental print fabric challenge was the beginning of this Civil War reproduction style quilt. This was completely outside my comfort zone, but lots of fun."

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  1. My favourites in this batch are Beau Pre and the Leaves of Spring quilt. Just looking at it, I think the Shangoma quilt would be a really heavy (weight-wise) quilt, there seems to be many layers to it.


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