Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's Go ! Day 6 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival

It's a great day to visit a quilt show, especially all the wonderful creations at P.I.Q.F. 2012.   Let's go !

All That Jazz, 45 x 35, by Mary Kay Price, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Mary Kay writes, "The five-piece band represents live performance music. The musical notes and signs acknowledge the genius, inspiration, and math of the score. In the background, behind and underneath these two elements, are wavy bands of human spirit and artistry. Talented musicians take up these instruments and put their hearts and souls into performing the musical score."  We were very impressed by the thought, care, and artistry that this quilter put into her original design, which is machine pieced, machine appliqued, and machine quilted. 

Tribute to Titanic, 85 x 45, by Pat McCoy, United Kingdom

This very admirable memory quilt was created to commemorate the 100th  anniversary of the April, 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic, registered in Liverpool, England. The artist was inspired by a concert held in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral to mark the Titanic centenary.  Pat explains, "Top section: Liverpool Welsh choral logo, embroidered by Pat Mitchell; Liverpool Liver bird, Welsh dragon, and treble clef... Middle section: White Star Line, Blue Ensign, Royal Mail Pendant, Stars and Stripes, and French tricolor.Ship's band, typical passengers, and workers.  Bottom section, Titan ship made over small papers as ship parts."

Close-up of  Tribute to Titanic

Here you can see the individual patches which have been carefully embroidered with the names of Titanic passengers. On the lower left, the artist has even included some patches of original photographs of those who sailed on the Titanic.  

Vintage Button Bouquet, 83 x 83, by Linda Roy,  Knoxville, Tennessee

"Best of World" winner at the World Quilt Festival in August 2012,  Linda Roy has created a lovely three-dimensional original design, almost 7 feet square, which is entirely hand-quilted. Wow! Fortunately, Vintage Button Bouquet came on tour out to PIQF, so we could see Linda's outstanding workmanship.  She writes, " Inspired by 1850's-1880's antique buttons found in bracelets and watches purchased at "Prize Possessions" at national quilt shows, the quilt mimics the color palette found in many of the buttons."

Southern Flowers # 2,  26 x 62, by Suzanne Gummow, Australia

We loved these lively, eye-catching flowers, which Suzanne imbued with so much personality. She says, "Exotic, stunningly beautiful and vivid flowers of the Southern Hemisphere. Immigrants to Australia brought with them flowers from South America and Africa; the flowers now flourish in my country, Australia, alongside beautiful native flowers. " Suzanne's bright, cheerful work is machine-appliqued and machine quilted. 

Color Fascination 2, 37 x 37, by Elizabeth Graf, Germany

Elizabeth's vibrantly colored and immaculately pieced quilt is done in a striking mosaic design. She writes, "This quilt was inspired from a picture created by Manuel Merten. [He] was born in 1985 and has Downs Syndrome. Very early on, he started to draw and paint, and made a legion of extraordinary paintings. I like and I am fascinated with his unconventional colour creations and the powerful expression of his work." 

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