Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Go ! Day 4 of the Pacific International Quilt Festival

Let's go see some more dazzling quilts at  P.I.Q.F. 2012, the biggest quilt show on the west coast of the U.S.A. We're inviting you to be the quilt show judge and tell us which of these quilts you would choose to win a prize !  We're looking forward to hearing from you, as we always read your comments very thoughtfully.

Millefiori, 71 x 71, by Chris Kenna, New Zealand

Chris writes, " 'Millefiori' in Italian means a thousand flowers. It is often associated with the beautiful Venetian glass paperweights made by the Murano glassmakers.  My quilt takes its inspiration from these objects, and the traditional spider's web quilt pattern.  I have made it my own by incorporating even more spider webs in the negative spaces that usually remain plain in traditional spider's web designs." (Note: For more examples of Millefiori quilts, along with explanations, check out Willyne Hammerstein's book on "Millefiori Quilts", about halfway down the page at the Quiltmania Magazine website.)

Sedona Sunset, 90 x 90, by Terri Doyle, Gilbert, Arizona

First place winner for Best Machine Workmanship in the traditional quilts category, Marilyn says, "This quilt was designed using Electric Quilt Design Software 6 and my favorite Moda and Cherrywood fabrics." Notice the precise half square triangles of the outer border, whose points reinforce the star pattern of the blocks. This graceful, perfectly proportioned symmetrical design is at home in any decor, and the colors and patterns are pleasing to both men and women.

Close-up of  Sedona Sunset

Cherrywood Fabrics are 100% cotton, but they have a soft, brushed, sueded look and feel to them, so they handle beautifully in a long arm quilting machine. We were very impressed by the variety of patterns shown here.  Marilyn made a wonderful choice of fabric, along with a perfect selection of quilting designs.

Colours on the Run, 40 x 60, by Caroline Wilkinson, United Kingdom

Caroline notes, "I have always been attracted by scrap quilts, so the techniques of strip piecing and reassembling the parts has always fascinated me, too. A strip piecing workshop by Jan Hassard gave me the inspiration for this piece. The placing of colours on a dark to light scale and then deciding on the juxtaposition of more colors, without quite knowing the outcome gave me hours of fun. Commercial and hand dyed cottons. Caroline's beautiful fabric hues, gradated from deep to pastel monochromatic tones, look so pretty together in this machine pieced and machine quilted geometric contemporary work.

Flooded, 56.5 x 45, by Tanya Brown, Sunnyvale, California

Who doesn't remember the childhood joys of splashing cheerfully through rain puddles? Blue ribbon winner for Best Machine Workmanship in the innovative quilts category, Tanya writes, " An unrepentant little boy forges his own path through a flooded parking lot, and in doing so, creates a miniature tsunami."

Close-up of Flooded 

The subject of Tanya's original design may be lighthearted, but there's nothing carefree about the intense and diligent long arm quilting here. Based on the comments we heard from surrounding viewers, they were awed and delighted by the expert skills on display in this work.

Color Study I, 28 x 37, by Donna Deaver, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

And on the topic of rainy days, here are three small children sharing a giant umbrella, whose gorgeous colors replace the  absent sunlight.  Notice the thoughtful artistic attention to detail : the colors of the umbrella and the children's clothes are skillfully reflected in the water at their feet.  Donna tells us, "Fascinated by color relationships and feelings evoked by them, I began this series using umbrellas as the subject matter and an exciting split complementary color palette. Color definitely gives me my quilting energy. Machine appliqued and quilted using commercial and hand dyed fabrics, and multiple threads, both polyester and metallic."


  1. National pride means I have to say that Millefiori is my favourite :)

    I saw this quilt in NZ Quilter earlier this year and loved it then, lovely bright colours.

  2. I am enjoying this show immensely from my own sofa. Thanks for the details.


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