Monday, January 10, 2011

The Broccoli Quilt, by Lonni Rossi

Lonni Rossi is an internationally known fabric designer, color specialist, art quilt maker, pattern designer and teacher. While we were preparing an Ode to a Tree, we came across this Lonni Rossi quilt and marked it as a 'favorite'. Then we discovered it wasn't a tree... it was a giant broccoli !

Broccoli wall quilt, 20 x 28, by Lonni Rossi, at Lonni Rossi Fabrics

We asked Lonni Rossi about her inspiration for the Broccoli Quilt, and she explained: "A few years back I created a fabric line for Andover Fabrics called Cultivated Cottons (which is now out of print). All of the images in the collections were created by using actual vegetables as stamps. I usually make several quilts to showcase my new lines of fabric so it just seemed natural to make quilts inspired by vegetables!"    The vegetables include a giant artichoke and and a colorful onion (below). Wouldn't they be fantastic as a set of three?

Onion quilt, 20 x 28, by Lonni Rossi

Artichoke quilt, 20 x 28, by Lonni Rossi

Lonni Rossi has participated in many group shows locally and nationally, and has had one-woman art quilt shows in Philadelphia, Munich and London. For more information see her Facebook page.

Finally, we couldn't stop thinking about the Broccoli that reminded us of a tree. To prove that we're not crazy... here is a tree that looks like a Broccoli !

Adansonia Grandidieri Baobab, Madagascar
Image credits: Quilt and fabric images are shown with the generous permission of Lonni Rossi.  The photo of the giant Baobab is by Jialiang Gao and is licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


  1. Well, I'm happy it IS a broccoli quilt because that's what I thought when I first saw the photo...but I didn't want to say it out loud. LOL

  2. Fun quilts! I LOVE that fabric you featured. Off to look at her website ...


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