Thursday, January 20, 2011

Delft Storm

When we hear the word "Delft" , it brings to mind the magnificent blue and white pottery traditionally produced near the town of the same name in the Netherlands. The  intense blues of Delftware were achieved by painting the pottery with a solution of salts of cobalt oxide; and we see that same mesmerizing cobalt blue color here, in its purest form.

Delft Storm, 39 x 39, by Ionne McCauley, at Ionne Quilts

"Delft Storm" incorporates medallions and diamonds of varied sizes and angles to produce an undulating, swirling effect that reminds us of white-capped waves on a wind-whipped blue lake. Ionne has created  the deep cobalt medallion as  the focal point. She enhances the luminous, dimensional quality of this work by using a medium value fabric at the point where the medallion intersects the pale blue ribbons.  It is this sense of movement and transparency which creates a captivating work that is both elegant and energetic.

"Delft Storm", along with "Blue Plaid Shirt", another lovely monochromatic quilt, can be seen in Ionne McCauley's online gallery of traditional quilts.

Ionne McCauley along with Sharon Pederson,  is also the author of Color for the Terrified Quilter. This is a fabulous book of eleven different, intriguing  Nine-Patch projects. Ionne provides so much useful information about color combinations and value differences which make a successful, eye-catching quilt.  Color For The Terrified Quilter is highly recommended by students and teachers alike.

Ionne has a fascinating and rich background in clothing design, quilt design, teaching, and dyeing and painting her own fabrics. She draws her inspiration from the magnificent scenery and nature surrounding her home on the west coast of Canada.

Image credits:  The quilt image is the copyright of Ionne McCauley and is shown with the generous permission of the artist.

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  1. Hi Everybody,

    We just received some very interesting information from Ionne McCauley, designer and creator of the "Delft Storm" quilt.

    Ionne tells us that "Delft Storm"
    was made for a fabric challenge from Northcott/ Monarch Fabric Company, and all the lovely fabric came from their line.

    This very impressive quilt is a variation of the "Storm At Sea" pattern ; and Ionne used thickened dye to paint on the very pretty details on the white areas of the quilt.

    We love how all the components of this pattern come together beautifully to create a fabulous finished product. -- Marina and Daryl


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