Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Funny story quilts, by Ellen Edith

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It's day 5 of our humorous quilt series, and we're here to toast the work of California artist, Ellen Edith, who is retiring after 31 wonderful years of designing fabrics and quilts. But wait: you can still be inspired by Ellen's humorous workshops and her acclaimed story quilt DVD, which features 30 of her famous quilts !

Mermaids like margaritas with salt, by Ellen Edith

Ellen's unique quilts, which are both whimsical and innovative, are based on funny stories of her own family. She cartoons the story and uses any and all quilt techniques, including a combination of fused shapes, machine applique. and embellishments such as buttons and beads. The detail on each of her little quilts is amazing (check out the mermaid's "belly button", and the charms on the stem of the margarita glass !)

At Ellen Edith's website you can see more of her quilts, and on the DVD web page you can obtain instructions on how to make your own Story Quilt (it's a 358k pdf of an article published in American Quilter !)


  1. Lots of little details in that quilt, little pearl earrings and I'm still laughing about the buttons on her "chest"

  2. Actually "Ellen Edith", story are interesting to read .I read this story also its very funny.


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