Thursday, April 28, 2011

Humorous quilts: Three Women at the Hilton

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It's day 6 of our humorous quilts series, and we are having so much fun ! We have a chance to chuckle at some really humorous quilts from some of our favorite artists -  like Pamela Allen, an award-winning artist, quilter and teacher based in Ontario, Canada.  Her "Three Women at the Hilton" won Most Humorous Quilt at the Road to California, 2010.

Three Women at the Hilton, 48 x 40, by Pamela Allen, at Pamelart

"Three Women" is a wonderful example of Pamela Allen's collage-style quilts. Here is Pamela and her two friends as they enjoy every minute of their time at the Houston Quiltfest in 2008.  Take a look at the clever decorative embellishments on the (er, chest) of the lady in orange (below).

If you like "Three Women"  you will also love Pamela Allen's newest works.  Check out her series of portraits - called Profiles - in which the female figures are rendered as geometric abstractions reminiscent of Picasso (we're partial to "Bedhead having Breakfast" and "Matron with her former Self"). Finally, Pamela Allen has a wonderful DVD called Think Like an Artist.  Here's a YouTube excerpt which shows how engaging Pamela is "in person":

Image credits and links:  Images are shown with the generous permission of Pamela Allen.  At her website you can also obtain information on her acclaimed workshops (she has an online workshop coming up in August !)

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  1. Thanks for the link to Pamela Allen's website, I really enjoyed seeing more of her work, just goes to show that there are many things that you can incorporate into a quilt, it would be really fun to see these in real life, I'm sure I would spend ages looking at them, searching out all the little additions.


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