Sunday, April 24, 2011

Humorous Quilts: Mad as a March Hare

This humorous homonym quilt, which substitutes Hare for Hair, seems entirely appropriate for today.  Laurie Ceesay created this fantastic piece for a Homonym Quilt Challenge. Note the five-'carrot' necklace.

Mad as a March Hare: I Put My 'Hare' Up to Show Off My 5 'Carrot' Necklace, by Laurie Ceesay, at Artsy Chick Quilts

The carrots in the necklace were made of Scupley molding clay. The necklace was finished with orange rhinestones and some shimmer paint. Fiber artist Laurie Ceesay explains:  "I was feeling like this was very Alice-in-Wonderland like, so the woman's make up was influenced by the Mad Hatter's make up. The woman took on a "mad/crazy" look so it came full circle."

Laurie Ceesay is a contemporary quilter who specializes in portrait quilts. Her work often focuses on hairstyles, make up, replicating the human form in fiber, retro fashion/prints, flowers and fairies. She works with bright colors, batiks and large scale prints, and she embellishes her quilts with rhinestones, beads, baubles, yarn, paint and crayons. Also, Laurie is launching her own business to turn her creations into patterns that anyone can follow.  You can read all about it - and see more marvelous portraits - at her blog,  Artsy Chick Quilts.

Image credits:  The image is shown with the generous permission of Laurie Ceesay.


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