Saturday, April 23, 2011

Humorous quilts: Woof meets Warhol

Are you interested in making a humorous quilt? We love the work of Kelly Gallagher-Abbott.  She is the founder of Jukebox Quilts, and has been providing unique, fun, and whimsical patterns and products for the quilt market for the last thirteen years.  Kelly is also an accomplished art quilter, as evidenced by her brilliant "Woof Meets Warhol", below.

Woof Meets Warhol, 66 x 66, by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott, at Jukebox Quilts

We were amazed to discover that "Woof meets Warhol" was appliqued on a longarm Gammill machine. For a gallery of her one-of-a-kind works, see Kelly's art quilts.  

At Jukebox Quilts you can find a whole collection of humorous quilt patterns, including the famous Male Bonding, which features a familiar scene at a quilt show.

For fun patterns by Kelly Gallagher-Abbott and a team of 15 designers, visit the store at Jukebox Quilts where you will find patterns for the Information Retrieval System (dog with newspaper), Empty Nest Syndrome (mom and dad kick up their heels) and Shear Bliss.  Also, check out the free Jukebox patterns page !

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