Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Humorous quilts: the art of Pam RuBert

Pam RuBert is an amazing artist who makes contemporary and humorous art quilts, and also draws and explores other forms of mixed media. Her cartoon-style quilts are out of this world.

Paris - Wish you were Hair, 38 x 57, by Pam RuBert, at

This scene from Paris is just perfect: the woman and her poodle both have mini Eiffel Towers atop their heads. This is one of a series of quilts and drawings, in which Pam RuBert morphed the idea of vintage post cards titled “Wish you Were Here” into crazy hairstyles that look like famous world landmarks. For more information see the Paris - Wish you were Hair web page; also check out St. Louis - Wish you were Hair which is showing at Fiber Art International.

Traffic Jam, by Pam RuBert

Click on the image to see the detail of the jam jar, and what is crawling out of it.

About her humorous works, Pam RuBert says: "I’ve always believed that humor and creativity are linked — they both seem related to the ability to step outside of ourselves and look at things from a different or surprising viewpoint. In many of my quilts there is a woman I call PaMdora — she views the world around her with a strange mixture of astonishment, dismay, and amusement."

Pam RuBert's work has been exhibited at solo and group shows, and in national and international exhibits including Quilt National, FiberArt International, the International Quilt Show (Houston) and the Best of SAQA. You can read about her art adventures on Pam’s art blog, PaMdora’s Box, and see a gallery of her work at Pam

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  1. Those are pretty funny, thanks for sharing. Never seen any of her work before. I love seeing the original stuff that is a one of a kind.


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