Friday, April 29, 2011

Funny Sunbonnet Sue !

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It's our ultimate Humorous Quilts post and we think you'll love these Sunbonnet Sues. Of course, Sue dates from the 1800's, and she is a highly respected icon in the traditional quilting world. But some creative quilters have given thought to what Sue might be doing if she were here today....

Sunbonnet Sue meets her modern counterpart, 16 x 16, by Dorothy Day, for the Alliance for American Quilts

Dorothy Day says: "I can just see stocky Sunbonnet Sue when she sees a super thin model in this day and age". Dorothy used calicos for Sue’s clothing, and batik for the modern girl and the background. The quilt was made for a "New from Old" contest (see Quilt Index Record 1-6-FC).

Sunbonnet Sue sends text messages on her cell phone, 16 x 16, by Bonnie MacGregor, for the Alliance for American Quilts

We love the combination of traditional redwork and the modern theme. Hand embroidered redwork, fabric pen, machine pieced and machine quilted. (see Quilt Index Record 1-6-14C).

A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue, by Christine Porter and Darra Williamson, published by That Patchwork Place/Martingale Publishing

Sunbonnet Sue can schuss!  This quilt was made as a sample for the 2011 book,  A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue: 12 small quilts.  At Amazon you can see a preview of each quilt-of-the-month. Our favorites are March Madness (Sunbonnet Sue shoots hoops) and July (Sunbonnet Sue at the barbecue!)

Sue kicks the Snowman, by Natalie S. from South Dakota, at Bad Sue Quilts*

Once in a while, Sue does something bad.  In fact, there is an entire website devoted to Sue's bad behavior, based on contests held from 1997-2005.  Let's just say that kicking the snowman is the least of Sue's infractions.  You can also see Sue drags her quilt through the mud; Sue colors on walls; Sue shaves her cat; and many, many more. Of course we know that Sue is not a bad person; she just makes bad choices. :-)

Chain Gang, by Rosalie Gray, at Quilts Kingston 2008

Does this remind you of the opening scene in O Brother, Where Art Thou?  We're always afraid that this will happen at the quilt show. Not that we would touch any quilts, oh no, not us.   "Chain Gang" won a blue ribbon for most humorous quilt at the Quilts Kingston show.

Also, don't miss the hilarious articles by Barbara Brackman: Sunbonnet Sue's Dark Side and Sunbonnet Sue Wrecks.

Sunbonnet Sue variations

These books have some really cute Sues. L-R: A Year in the Life of Sunbonnet Sue, by Christine Porter and Darra Williamson (mentioned above); International Sunbonnet Sue, by Debra Kimball; Sunbonnet Sue and Scottie at Play, by Suzanne Zaruba Cirillo.
*The Sunbonnet Sue blog, the Sunbonnet Sue website, and the Home of Bad Sunbonnet Sue are the websites of Kim Bunchuck.

Joke of the day.  What do you get when a quilting icon takes legal action against a famous doctorAnswer:  Sunbonnet Sue sues Who ?


  1. All very cute, but I giggled out loud at the Chain Gang. lol

  2. I'm not a big fan of Sunbonnet Sue, but Chain Gang tickled my fancy, sort of reminded me of the Beagle Boys.

  3. What a lot of fun ways to celebrate a quilt icon :)


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