Monday, April 25, 2011

Quilt in the Headlights (Dare to be Square !)

Are you ready for something different?  It's Day 4 of our humorous quilts series and we are featuring the work of Boo Davis, a designer who makes "heavy metal-inspired quilts" (do the bands Black Sabbath or Metallica ring a bell? Oh no, that's just my ears ringing when I hear that music...)  At her site, Quiltsrÿche, you can find some RŸCHEOUS ORIGINALS that include skeletons and - viewer warning - a few profanities, quilted right into coverlets. But there is a also sweet side to this Generation Y-er. She is the author of Dare to Be Square Quilting — an easy-to-follow guide to modern patchwork.  It even includes a deer (er, Quilt) in the Headlights.

Quilt in the Headlights, 60 x 72.5, by Boo Davis, at Quiltsrÿche

The book projects include the Quilt in the Headlights and the Owl ("Hootenanny"),  along with an alarm clock ("Snooze Button"), a robot ("Does Not Compute"), and an adorable dachshund baby quilt ("I'm a Wiener"). Check out the book reviews on Amazon... we've never seen so many "awesomes" and "totally cools". One reviewer summed it up:  "Awesome book. Great for beginners of the younger generation who want to make hip quilts."

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  1. I've been catching up with your posts, I had to look twice at some of them to get the joke, but I did. The
    quilts in this post appeal to me mainly because of the square shapes, you could work it all out on graph paper.


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